2007: 186. Clutch of Constables

“’There was nothing fancy about the Jampot,’ Alleyn said.”

Clutch of Constables, Ngaio Marsh

Another book where Troy Alleyn is part of the plot, and this one told through the odd device of Alleyn offering a class to other detectives, and telling the story of a trip Troy took, and how a world class assassin happened to get involved.  Putting aside the coincidence, and the odd format (what was the point of the storytelling device except to let us know that Troy made it out ok, which was sort of to be expected - this is Marsh, after all), this was a pretty good mystery. It had art thieves, murder, conspiracy, a snapshot of race relations at the time, and most of all, that trip -  a week long river cruise, out of time, traveling at a snail’s pace along olde worlde England.  This probably has more to do with my life at this moment than Marsh’s writing, but that trip sounded ridiculously alluring - murders and all.  I need a vacation, I guess...

Recommended for:  People who like their mysteries with a little bit of international intrigue, while staying in a pastoral English setting...

Date/Place Completed: 12/11/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Possible Re-read (if I read it, I have no memory of it, that’s for sure...)

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