2007: 181.  Phineas Redux

“The circumstances of the general election of 18-- will be well remembered by all those who take an interest in the political matters of the country.”

Phineas Redux, Anthony Trollope

I’m more than halfway through the Palliser novels (and stuck, for now, because while I have The Duke’s Children, I haven’t yet got a copy of The Prime Minister), and am quite into them now.  You remember I was meh about Phineas Finn, and loved The Eustace Diamonds.  Phineas Redux, which brings our friend Phineas Finn back from exile in Ireland and puts him back in the politics game, falls between the two.  It doesn’t have any character quite as delightfully devilish as Lizzie Eustace (though Lizzie does make a fun little cameo), but Phineas Finn is much more fun than he was before.  There’s more to him, and he suffers quite dreadfully (don’t want to say why, because that is part of the fun, but do not read the introduction if you get the version pictured above if you want to remain unspoiled), and gets redeemed and ends happy (that is not a spoiler, that is Trollope).  And we meet our old friends like Violet Chiltern, and sad Laura Standish, and now I am quite, quite fond of Trollope.  Really, his books are like soap operas for the Victorian set, with the recurring characters and scandalous happenings and such.  I must get The Prime Minister before I roll back around to the T’s in my commuting books!

Recommended for:  People who like chatty Victorian novels, but read the rest of the series first, because its so much fun to come back to the old characters (but, in my opinion, you don’t really need Can You Forgive Her to get the plot).

Date/Place Completed: 11/24/07; in Mount Kisco at Northern Westchester Hospital

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