2007: 172. The Escher Twist

“A few current residents of Cambridge -

    - Leonard Sheldrake, crystallographer, attic apartment, 24 Sibley Road. Leonard is 39

-Eloise Winthrop, Leonard’s widowed landlady, 24 Sibley Road.  Eloise is eighty-one…”

The Escher Twist, Jane Langton

I have, perhaps been a little less than enthusiastic, about the last few Kelly mysteries that I’ve read, but boy did I get a kick out of re-reading this one.  First of all, it is set in Cambridge, in a big house off Brattle Street, which is probably the one place on Earth I would live if I could, and half the action takes place in Mount Auburn Cemetary, a place that I love (it isn’t morbid! it’s Victorianly awesome, and also, quite tranquil).  Plus the plot is so weirdly trippy! Leonard, a crystallographer, meets a girl at an Escher exhibit, and falls hard for her and she for him.  But she had a dark secret and disappears, leaving Leonard and (his new buddies Homer and Mary Kelly) to find her and figure out what is haunting her so.  Throwing a lonely land lady, a wicked aunt, a green coat, and an out of body experience, along with a murder or two, and you’ve got yourself a hell of a story.   

Recommended for: People who like off kilter mysteries, crystallography, Cambridge.

Date/Place Completed: 11/1/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read.

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