2007: 170. The Transcendental Murder

“There was a big man sitting at the other end of the table in the reference room in the Concord Library when Mary came in and sat down her file.”

The Transcendental Murder, Jane Langton

You know, it never seems like I am reading millions of mysteries when I get on one of these mystery sprees, until I get to my blog have to write about them all, and all the entries sound the same because the books, while enjoyable, are all basically the same, and I feel super boring.  But, you know, they aren’t boring when I’m reading (or re-reading) them, just good old fashioned comfort reading.  This one is particularly fun because this is the first Homer Kelly mystery, the one in which Homer and Mary Kelly (then Mary Morgan) fall in love and solve the Concordian murder, with a touch of the minutemen, Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.  Too fun.

Recommended for: People who like the transcendentalists, and people who like their detectives to fall in love.

Date/Place Completed: 10/31/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read

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