2007: 168. Murder at Monticello

“The houses of the great men and women of the past are different from those of ordinary dead people, because so much trouble has been taken to stop time in its tracks.”

Murder at Monticello, Jane Langton

Another Homer Kelly mystery, this one interspersing Homer’s learning about Jefferson with a Virginia serial killer, Lewis and Clark, and the obligatory love stories.  I was not as interested in this mystery as some of her others - whether that was due to a slightly thinner plot, or my residual anti-Virginia bias (which is really my own why don’t I live in New England issues), but all in all it is a fine mystery, just not as good as some of her others.  I did like the mediation of the meaning of Jefferson in the post-Sally Hemmings era, but the rest, eh.  Homer isn’t meant to grapple with serial killers!

Recommended for:  People interested in Jefferson and Lewis and Clark; fans of Homer Kelly

Date/Place Completed: 10/25/07; D.C.

Categories: Fiction; Re-read

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