2007: 154. Blandings Castle

“The morning sunshine descended like an amber shower-bath on Blandings Castle, lighting up with a heartening glow its ivied walls, its rolling parks, its gardens, outhouses, and messuages, and such of its inhabitants that happened to be taking the air.”

Blandings Castle, P.G. Wodehouse

This totally charming (big surprise for Wodehouse, right?) book is a collection of short stories.  The bulk are about Blandings Castle, Lord Emsworth and his ne’er to-do-well son, Hon. Freddie Threepwood, with some Mr. Mulliner Hollywood tales thrown in to boot.  The stories are light and fluffy, and fab - like all Wodehouse.  I tend to prefer Bertie and Jeeves to  other Wodehouse, since they were my first introduction to his charms, but these stories are absolutely corking, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a light escapist read.  Don’t let the fact that I don’t have much to say about them fool you - telling more about the stories would take some of the fun out of the reading!

Recommended for:  People who like Wodehouse; people who like light, funny fiction; people’s whose younger sons get them into scrapes when all they really want to do is raise their prize winning pig.

Date/Place Completed:  9/28/07; Boston

Categories:  Fiction

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