2007: 14. Mother to Daughter - Daughter to Mother

“Darling, life is not in my hands...

I cannot promise very much...

I promise you love. Time will not take away that.”

~ Anne Sexton

 Mother to Daughter - Daughter to Mother - Mothers on Mothering, Tillie Olsen

This is a Virago book, an anthology of various quotes relating to mothers and daughters. I was really into it, at first – I liked the notion that there is a lack of writing* about mothers and daughters (compared to fathers and sons) and that this was meant to address that. And then, all of a sudden, I just got bored. The quotes weren’t that great or insightful, and Olsen kept using the same authors over and over again, many of them obscure (to say the least). Worst of all, she inserted tons of her own quotes. I don’t know – I have never been an anthologist but it seems to me pretty tacky to insert your own writing in your anthology. At least one should limit oneself to one or two lines. In this book, the only author who has more cites than Olsen is Emily Dickinson. Pretty impressive company for a writer I, for one, have never heard of. Not cool, Tillie.

Recommend for: People who are looking for slightly obscure quotes about mothers and daughters; Tillie Olsen fanatics.

*Particularly  in 1984, when this was compiled.

Date/Place Completed: 02/01/07, D.C.

Categories: Fiction, Virago Modern, Anthology

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