2007: 126. Death of a Peer

“Roberta Grey first met the Lampreys in New Zealand.  She was at school with Frid Lamprey.”

Death of a Peer, Ngaio Marsh (Aka Surfeit of Lampreys)

Marsh is certainly hit or miss, but this was another good one.  It’s funny that when I read regular books, I prefer stories with plot over character studies (say East of Eden  versus Veronica) but when it comes to mysteries, I am a sucker for a story with good characters, and could really care less whodunnit - as is evidenced by the fact that I often forget the culprit, even by the time I get to blogging, and need to peek to the end to refresh my memory!*  Anyway, the memorable characters this time are around are the heedless and spendthrift Lamprey family.  Upper class people, who live waaay beyond their means, and charm everyone to pieces, even as disaster lurks at their door.  We see the story through the eyes of Roberta Grey, the plucky little New Zealander who met them on their colonial days, loves them to bits, despite of their foolishness - or maybe even because of it.  The books opens with Roberta arriving in London to live with an aunt, and stopping over with her dear Lampreys, only to find their rich uncle murdered in the apartment on her first day in town.  The Lampreys are the obvious suspects, and Alleyn must solve the crime.  This one has dashing aristocrats, Victorian mansions, voodoo practioners and a sweet love story - not too bad for one quick read!

Recommended for:  People who like their aristocrats gallant, charming and dim; people who like the obvious happy ending

* I also might be reading these a wee bit quickly. I mean, they are hardly high art.

Date/Place Completed: 8/11/07; D.C. 

Categories:  Fiction; Re-read

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