2007: 124. Death in Ecstasy

“On a pouring wet Sunday night in December of last year a special meeting was held at the House of the Sacred Flame in Knocklatchers Row.”

Death in Ecstasy, Ngaio Marsh

Another workmanlike mystery, this one set in an obscure religious cult in a dark London alley.  Alleyn’s Watson, Nigel Bathgate, wanders into the “church” (its really more a pagan worshipping profit venture) and just happens to see a murder take place (second time so far.  Very Jessica Fletcher like, no?).  Alleyn solves it.  It is fine, and mysteries go - demanded nothing of me, and I barely remember the solution, in the end, except for the random New Zealand angle.  

I know you must be wondering why, given my lack of enthusiasm for the past few books I have kept reading? You need to understand that sometimes (say, when one has one’s first real oral argument in court on the horizon and the stress is looming), I need to read compulsively and read easy, nonchallenging things.  This is like when I had my big Christie run, earlier this year (and then, you may remember, reread all of P.D. James).  I would, however, have given up on Marsh and moved to something else, but the next book was much more interesting, and so I’ve muddled on...

Recommended for: People who think religion is the opiate of the masses (since here it quite literally was!)

Date/Place Completed: 8/6/07; D.C.

Categories:  Fiction; re-read

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