2007: 119. A Test of Wills

“In this quiet part of Warwickshire death came as frequently as it did anywhere in England, no stranger to inhabitants of towns, villages, or countryside.”

A Test of Wills, Charles Todd

I should warn you all that this is the first of many mystery novels to follow - for whatever reason this has been a year of mystery sprees, and I have been reading a lot of mystery novels, with a little serious fiction thrown in hither and yon.  This one was new to me, and I enjoyed it, in that it was reasonably well written, and plotted, and it was set in the immediate post-WWI years, and such, pre-set for me to look fondly upon it.  This is the first Inspector Rutledge story - Rutledge is a police officer trying to do his job without people learning that he is a shell shock victim, who hears voices of a man whose death he was intimately involved (trying not to be spoilery, sorry for the awkward construction).  The solution to the mystery was a little goofy and I honestly had to look it up to write this blog entry*, but the other characters remained clear in my head, especially poor Inspector Rutledge, and I’d read more of his mysteries.  

Recommended for: People who like cosy mysteries, but want a little bit more authenticity about the psychology of the twenties.  That having been said, Sayers absolutely has Lord Peter address the war and the effect it had on him.  And, he is my boyfriend.  So read that first, cause its better.  But if you’ve read Sayers, then read this.

*And, honestly I have read a lot of mysteries lately and you can’t blame the authors if the plots blur a bit!

Date/Place Completed: 8/1/07; D.C.

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